Programming for A Better Future

Codi, based in Beirut, offers a free and intensive 6-months programme for students to become web and mobile developers (front and back end), digital project managers... and many other digital professions which are in high demand in the marketplace today. The course also includes key elements of data science, e-commerce management and UX.

This programme, certified by, is open to everyone but primarily targeted to people who are under 25 years of age, who are not currently employed, with little to no academic background, and otherwise marginalised from society.

We do not ask for any foundation in computer science or any digital skills. What we do ask for is a strong motivation, a passion for all things digital and an appetite to work in teams!

Codi works exclusively with to deliver this training to its participants.

Our Program

Coding & Web Development

The programme focuses on coding and digital skills for a full-stack web developer training, covering front and back end (includes app. development, cyber security, gaming, AI and robotics, UX and data science)

English Language

We will be teaching English to lead students to have proficiency in written and oral communication. Language will no longer be a barrier to success

Life Skills

At Codi, we believe that a well-rounded education includes life skills. Courses include personality and brand building, career planning, project management, entrepreneurship and financial literacy

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